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Cherry Tree

The Cherry Blossom Deluxe Mani & Pedi is back!

Step into spring with this rejuvenating spa service. Your child will enjoy a deluxe manicure and pedicure with a

Japanese-inspired foot soak. Refresh with a Cherry Blossom Frosty during services. 

Make this a Mommy/Daddy and Me pamper package. The parents/adults will get a foot soak, a heated neck pillow, and enjoy a Cherry Blossom Frosty. Add a snack package to share for the ultimate parent/child date.

Get 10% OFF of the Mommy and Me Package in May!

Spa Services

Spa services are specialized for children, girls and boys. If there is an age requirement for a service, it is listed below. Please see our FAQ page to answer any other questions.

Facials and Make-Up

Mini oatmeal facial  $30
gentle face and head massage/cleansing natural facial/cucumbers
oatmeal-yogurt mask

Mini chocolate facial $35
gentle face and head massage/purifying chocolate mask
dark chocolate-coconut oil

Make-up $25
fun make up (for entertainment purposes only)


Children's Massage  $75

30 minute relaxing massage 

This massage takes into consideration each child's 

individual physical development and promotes well-being while helping to relieve pain and stress.

note: children must 6 years or older and can dress down to shorts and a t-shirt. children 18 years and under, parents must remain in the room during the massage. 

Glam Packages

Mini glam package  $85
bestie mini glam package (for two) - $160
deluxe mani/pedi and heat free hairstyle or make-up

Supreme glam package  $130
bestie supreme glam package (for two) - $250
deluxe mani/pedi, oatmeal facial, heat free hairstyle and make-up

Mommy/Daddy and  Me Packages

Mommy or daddy and mini-me spa day $85.50

10% OFF in May & June (regular price $95)

for mini-me - deluxe mani/pedi

for mommy or daddy - relaxing foot soak with spa rocks and organic

soothing foot bath/massage chair/heated neck pillow


*add snack package (charcuterie plate with complimentary 

glass of champagne, wine or beer) $103.50 (regular price $115)


Mommy or daddy and mini-me

chocoholic spa day $153

10% OFF in May & June (regular price $170)

for mini-me - deluxe mani/pedi/mini chocolate facial mask/

hot chocolate and chocolates

for mommy/daddy - relaxing foot soak/massage chair/heated neck pillow

mini chocolate facial mask/hot chocolate and chocolates


*add snack package (charcuterie plate with complimentary 

glass of champagne, wine or beer) $171 (regular price) $190


Keepsake Robe

For an extra special treat, add a personalized keepsake satin robe with your child's name to the service!

SRS - Spa Page

Have you experienced Silk Rose Spa?


Now attached to  Unique and Special Kids Spa is an oasis for adults. Silk Rose Spa is a hidden gem that provides a tranquil space to pause and connect to one's self. 

Silk Rose Spa is for adults and offers foot baths, massages, facials, waxing services and Yoni steam services. Explore and book a service while your kids are being pampered in the next room over!

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