Pineapple by the Sea

piña colada

deluxe mani & pedi

Our summer spa treatment is here!

Enjoy a refreshing coconut-pineapple foot scrub and a piña colada while being pampered during a mani & pedi.

Spa Menu

my little spa treatments

mini-man $30
soft file/paint/scented lotion

mini-pedi  $35
soft file/paint/scented lotion

mini-mani/pedi  $60
soft file/paint/scented lotion

mini-deluxe mani/pedi  $70
soft file/paint/scented lotion/sugar scrub/leg and arm massage/hot towel
heated neck pillow/finger ring/toe ring/2 nail arts

mini oatmeal facial  $30
gentle face and head massage/cleansing natural facial/cucumbers

mini chocolate facial $35
gentle face and head massage/purifying chocolate mask
dark chocolate-coconut oil

simple heat-free hairstyles $20
*not a salon service / choice of braid (basic, french, fishtail) or up-do
*fun extensions available with additional cost


*to see full service salon options                              

make-up $25
fun make up (for entertainment purposes only)

spa packages

mommy or daddy and mini-me

mini-european facial spa day  $170

for mini-me - deluxe mani/pedi

for mommy or daddy - facial consisting of cleansing/toning/steam treatment/exfoliation/massage/moisturizing (50 minutes)


mommy or daddy and mini-me spa day  $90

for mini-me - deluxe mani/pedi

for mommy or daddy - relaxing foot soak with spa rocks and organic

soothing foot bath/massage chair/heated neck pillow

*add snack package (charcuterie plate with complimentary 

glass of champagne, wine or beer) $105


mommy or daddy and mini-me

chocoholic spa day $170

for mini-me - deluxe mani/pedi/mini chocolate facial mask/

hot chocolate and chocolates

for mommy/daddy - relaxing foot soak/massage chair/heated neck pillow

mini chocolate facial mask/hot chocolate and chocolates

*add snack package (charcuterie plate with complimentary 

glass of champagne, wine or beer) $185

mini glam package  $85
bestie mini glam package (for two) - $160
deluxe mani/pedi and heat free hairstyle or make-up

supreme glam package  $130
bestie supreme glam package (for two) - $250
deluxe mani/pedi, oatmeal facial, heat free hairstyle and make-up

mini-party package  $100

goodie bag and tiara or headband for party VIP
use of the party room for drinks and cupcakes (provided) and pictures

in the runway room - allowed only with the purchase of spa 

services for 4 or less children/no outside food or drinks allowed

party package must be booked online​

children's massage  $75

massage of soft tissue intended to promote health and

well-being for children and adolescents/reduces pain

and anxiety/takes into consideration each child's

individual physical development (up to 30 minutes)


*Children must be at least 6 years old and may undress down to a t-shirt and shorts.

For children under the age of 18, parents must remain in the room during the massage.




Adult massage services are by appointment only. 

Click the button to schedule an adult relaxation session at

STILL., the adult oasis right next door. 

Size Breast Length Weight Belt Length-2.png

For an extra special treat, add a keepsake robe to your service!
Add a plain or personalized spa robe to your spa package! Use it during the service and take it home. Must have at least one week advanced notice for personalized robes. All sales on robes are final. 
Contact us to order yours!
Plain robe: $15
Personalized robe: $19 
(your child's name on the front)