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Silk Rose Spa • An Oasis for Adults

We are happy to announce, that there is now an oasis for adults CONNECTED to Unique and Special Kids Spa in Alexandria, VA. Silk Rose Spa is a place for your to pause, relax and reflect.

While your kids are enjoying spa services at Unique and Special Kids Spa, book your own relaxing service, such as a massage, facial, or foot bath. Or just book for yourselves for an important self-care treatment.

Check out the spa services we offer at Silk Rose Spa Every detail of Silk Rose Spa has been carefully considered. Natural elements and textures, a sense of Amani (peace), space, and timeless decor combine effortlessly with skin and beauty treatments – all designed to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes and inhibit aging. A unique place to rest and rejuvenate, with space for solitude. From Moroccan bath techniques and hot oil treatments of Northern Africa to Ethiopian steaming traditions, we curate unique experiences to help you Decompress. And. Just. Breathe. Join us for a relaxing solo spa service, for a group outing, or to sample our exotic botanicals. Get ready to pause, reflect and reconnect. Your new world awaits. 6911 Richmond Highway Suite 405B Alexandria VA, 22306 (703) 673-0111

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